Meg Masterson is currently creating theatre and art in Sacramento, California. In her spare time, Meg LOATHES writing about herself in third-person, so…

Thanks for checking out my blog!


I was born on the East Coast, and spent much of my childhood moving around the country – my family enjoyed stints all throughout California, a stop in Texas, and then finally landed in Sacramento about two decades ago. I had the extreme good fortune to have parents who instilled in me a great love of arts – theatre in particular. I’ve been enjoying professional and non-professional performances since I was old enough to sit through them.


This started when I was attending Sacramento City College as a journalism student. And it hasn’t stopped. This is where I park all my theatre reviews, my design work, and the random other things that I want to keep track of.

You can find my writing in The Sacramento News & Review, BroadwayWorld.com, MariaShriver.com, GoodMenProject.com, and SacCityExpress.com.

If you’re looking for my journalistic resume, it can be found HERE.


My skills range from sites to stitching to singing and many other things that start with s (as well as other letters of the alphabet). If you’d like a consult, please drop me an email at m3masterson@gmail.com. Rates are variable depending on the work and your budget. Thanks for your consideration!

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