Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Crest

I have loved Big Bad Voodoo Daddy since middle school, and I went to a concert of theirs in Tahoe when I was… 14 years old? Maybe?

I so clearly recall BBVD’s superb music. How well they played together. Their fantastic stage presence and candor. How huge a crush I had on the bass player.

Nothing has changed. (Dirk, you’re as crush-worthy as ever!)

The band has been together for 22 years, still has all its original members, and is swinging like there’s no tomorrow.

The Sacramento-based rockabilly group The Twilight Drifters opened up the show last week at the Crest with a solid set of covers and originals. Lead singer and guitarist Geoff Miller played tasteful melodic riffs with clarity and confidence (all while singing his heart out). Drummer Larry Carr kept things chugging along, and bass player Todd Hinton slapped the bass into next week (in the best way possible!).

Then, BBVD took the stage for a Christmas-inspired set. Classics ranging from “We Three Kings” to “Blue Christmas” and some of the band’s original holiday offerings like “Last Night (I went out with Santa Claus)” delighted the audience.

I’ve loved the band’s rendition of “Mr. Heatmiser” since the first time I heard it in that concert, and it was as good Friday as it’s ever been.

A smattering of the band’s work from non-holiday albums also made cameos. “Mr. Pinstripe Suit,” and “Digga Digga Do” made folks groove. Some seemed dangerously close to getting on their feet and dancing in the (very steep and somewhat frightening) aisles.

As always, with BBVD, they closed out the set with “So Long, Farewell, Goodbye.” I hope to keep them to their promise to “come back and do another snow.”

See you next time you’re in Sac!


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