Eight Gigs: The Fabulous Old Guys

Eight Gigs: The Fabulous Old Guys

Fri., Jul. 10, 9 p.m., Louie’s Cocktail Lounge, $5

According to the exaggerated lore of the Fabulous Old Guys (a.k.a. the FOG), the band’s members have a collective age of 842. Drummer Jimmy Bagshaw says “that’s just a story,” but the band’s sound is no joke. The FOG’s songs range in feel from Rolling Stones-esque classic rock to soulful, scratchy-voiced blues to funky, dance-inducing jazz. And no matter the genre, the group grooves together like a crew of seasoned musical veterans. Covers and original songs (written by guitarist Andy Keene and lead vocalist “Screamin’” Dave Wright) are promised for the show. 3030 Mather Field Road in Rancho Cordova,www.reverbnation.com/FabulousOldGuys.
Find the original story on SN&R’s website HERE.

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