“The Rocky Horror Show” at the Missouri Street Theatre

Let’s do the Time Warp again!

The Rocky Horror season is upon us, and a plethora of different adaptations of the show are available for cult classic connoisseurs. From showings of the film with shadow casts to Green Valley’s circus-themed spectacle to the Missouri Street Theatre’s great adaptation, there is something available for every persuasion.

MST’s production of Rocky Horror is very well-done in all aspects. The cast is small with just four chorus members to accompany the named characters, but it is mighty.

Scott Woodard and Danielle DeBow play Brad and Janet. They each give solid performances. Woodard’s solo “Once in A While” was top-notch. He made a song that can be a low-point in the show entertaining and memorable.

Brian Watson plays Riff Raff, and does fantastically in the role. His voice is stunning, and he belts out some truly impressive notes. Also, he totally rocks both of his costumes. Columbia, played by Katie Bartomeo, and Magenta, played by Dae Spering, round out the supporting trio. Spering’s rendition of “Science Fiction” is very good. Bartomeo is cute as a button, and works particularly well with Michael Scott Wells as Eddie.

The Narrator, played by Dan Clanton, was unshakable in his performance, managing some unfamiliar shout-outs with grace. His take on the role was reminiscent of the character in the movie, and he did very well with it.

The undeniable highlight of the show is Joshua James as Frank. His performance puts one in mind of Tim Curry in the film, but is enough of a departure from it to be fresh and interesting. He sings beautifully, looks amazing in each of his costumes, and gave a first-rate performance Sunday evening.

The one thing missing in this show was not in the production team’s control whatsoever — the audience was a bit subdued. There were only three attendees who knew the shout-outs, and no one really dressed for the occasion. This could have been because there were a number of Rocky Horror virgins in attendance, or because it was a Sunday afternoon. If you want to see the show with active audience participation, I recommend going on a Friday or Saturday night.

Overall, this is a great production. It’s a nice tribute to the film with enough imagination to be interesting and a great cast. Definitely worth seeing.

More information and tickets can be found HERE.


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