“The Flying Machine” at B Street Theatre

The famed Wright brothers, inventors and aviation pioneers, come to the stage in a beautifully realized adaptation of The Flying Machine at B Street Theatre. The play is part of B Street’s family series, and was well-received by both children and adults in the audience.

The sets at B Street are routinely good. This one is absolutely fantastic. Flats painted with aeronautical diagrams, bicycles and birds are more works of art than they are set dressing. The judicious use of projection helps give the audience a sense of place, and doesn’t clash with the show’s early 1900’s setting.

Wilbur and Orville Wright are played by Jason Kuykendall and John Lamb respectively. They are both excellent in their roles. Kuykendall gives Wilbur an endearing playful brashness, but balances it with a deep love for his brother. Lamb’s Orville is also fantastic. He is the more down-to-earth of the two (funny since he’s the one to pilot that first successful flight at Kitty Hawk). The two hold the play together, and are completely believable in their roles.

All the other characters in the piece are handled by two incredibly versatile actors, Casey McClellan and David Silberman. Both are complete chameleons. Every character they portrayed is distinct, not just in costume and accent, but in expression and physicality. McClellan shone particularly brightly as the journalist chasing the story of the first successful flight.

Though we know how the story is going to end, this production keeps audiences interested in how the Wright brothers are going to get there. With beautiful sets, stellar acting, and an uplifting story, this one is not to be missed.

The Flying Machine is recommended for ages 5+. More information and tickets can be found HERE.


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