“The Rocky Horror Show” at Green Valley Theatre Company

Like children before the holidays, Sacramento’s theater community antici…pates the revel that is Rocky season each year. 2014 marks the sixth time Green Valley Theatre Company has brought The Rocky Horror Show to the stage, and this year’s rendition is incredible.

The stage musical was the precursor to the 1975 cult classic film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick. Green Valley gave the show a twist this year, with a circus-themed set and costumes, and it works brilliantly.

The cast is extraordinary.

Brad and Janet – the young couple who are thrown into the chaos in Frankenfurter’s castle – are frequently little more than a framework to get us through the doors so we can enjoy the more interesting characters inside. This time, both Brad and Janet are actually interesting, which is saying something considering how many times I have seen this show. Brad Majors, played by Jonathan Reinhart-Cranmer, and Janet Weiss, played by Elizabeth Wilson, have beautiful voices, and give excellent performances. It’s rare I’d list Brad or Janet among the Rocky highlights, and they definitely made the cut.

Ryan Allen plays the dual role of Eddie and Dr. Scott. He belts out “Hot Patootie” like nobody’s business, and shows off his acting and vocal chops as Dr. Scott later in the show.

Yuri Tajiri and Andy Hyun play the Siamese twin narrators, and are entertaining in their shared role.

Rocky Horror, played by Tyler King, is great. And wow muscles. Gold shorts have never looked so good. This is King’s first theatrical production — something I never would have guessed from his confident performance.

Jacob Montoya plays Dr. Frankenfurter. I have come to expect great performances from Montoya, and he delivers. He is unabashed in his character’s sexuality, and sells Frank really well.

Kris Farhood plays Columbia. She is a beautiful dancer, and rocks Carly Giroux’s fantastic choreography.

Speaking of Giroux’s choreography: it’s great! I loved this year’s version of the show’s iconic dance, “The Time Warp.” The company numbers were all high-energy and well put together.

Magenta, portrayed as a fortune teller in this show, is played by Cassie Mosher. She is a solid addition to the cast, and does a great job playing off of her counterparts.

Potentially the best part of the show is Ryan Aire Blanning as Riff Raff. He is captivating to watch. Granted, Riff is already one of the best characters in the piece, but Blanning really amps it up. His rendition of “Science Fiction Double Feature,” the show’s opening number, was an amazing way to kick off a truly fantastic performance.

The one and only complaint that I have for this production is that the actors’ microphones need to be turned up a bit. The raucous band, led by the charismatic and talented Nick Giroux, is great. They shouldn’t play any softer, this is a rock n roll show, after all! Just get the volume up just a little bit on the voices, and the mix will be golden.

That said, when the single thing to complain about is a really nit-picky technical issue, you know it’s a tremendously good show.

Rocky Horror is decadent, raunchy, occasionally graphic, full of laughs, and altogether fabulous. Dress up — fishnets, corsets, and heels are always welcome if you’re so inclined — but most of all go see the show.

Also, buy your tickets in advance! They go incredibly fast, and you don’t want to miss this one.

Amazing job, Rocky VI, I can’t wait to see the show again!

More information and tickets available HERE.


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