“Evil Dead the Musical” at Sutter Street Theatre

Good heavens, I have taken FAR too long in getting this review out there. But here it is!

Sutter Street Theatre brings Evil Dead the Musical to demonically possessed life this October. The show itself is hilarious – extremely campy and entirely self-aware, with songs including “All of the Men in my Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons” and “Do the Necronomicon.” Groan-worthy (but hilarious) puns pepper the script, and funny lyrics and musical devices keep the action rolling.

The cast is as fantastic as the show itself.

Christopher Celestin plays Ash, the iconic Bruce Campbell character, and shines really brightly in the role. He plays the character with a great and believable physicality, and sings very well. Helen Ventura plays Ash’s girlfriend Linda, and is a delight to watch on stage.

Cheryl, Ash’s sister and the first to be demonically possessed, is played by Cassidy Cagney. Her performance was absolutely stellar.

Dennis Curry reprising the role of Jake is a treat. I wish his part was bigger — he is just that fantastic.

Jen Morrison rounds out the leading cast, playing Annie. Her song “All of the Men in my Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons” is a real highlight of the show.

The supporting cast is also excellent — there are no weak links to be found here.

This show is absolutely not to be missed. But be warned: there is a splash zone for the show. The second act is a serious blood bath. I’m actually not kidding about this. I recommend that you wear something washable that you don’t mind getting stage-blood-soaked!

Evil Dead the Musical plays through November 1. More information and tickets are available HERE. 


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