Remiss in my Duties

Dear heavens, it’s been far too long my friends!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been terribly remiss in my duties. Things have been crazy over here, but we’re getting back on track.

I found out, much to my dismay, that my phone decided to post a draft of my write up of Evil Dead the Musical at Sutter Street Theatre instead of my full review. I am re-writing it now, and it should be up (not a draft this time) by tomorrow.

This weekend, I’m all about the haunted houses in Sacramento. I hit Heartstoppers yesterday, will be going to Fright Planet and Callson Manor tonight, and then Scream Park tomorrow.

Next weekend, I’m super-excited for the opening of The Rocky Horror Show, and then catching Mummenschantz at the Mondavi, hoping to catch Jes Gonzales’ brand new adaptation of Frankenstein, and maybe throwing in one more show for good measure.

In regard to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find your Inner Strength, I’m anxiously awaiting my case of books! They’ll be hitting stands on October 28 (and I’ll be sharing a release date with Patrick Rothfuss! Definitely pick up his newest book The Slow Regard of Silent Things). I think this whole thing will feel much more real once I have a hard copy of the book in my hands.

Look for the Evil Dead write up shortly, and I’ll have lots more for you all next weekend!


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