The Ladies Foursome

Put four witty women on a golf course and watch them go. The straightforward plot of Norm Foster’s The Ladies Foursome follows a quartet of ladies—three old friends, and one the others had never met before—as they play 18 holes and talk about their lives.

The cast in The Ladies Foursome is stellar. The piece is written for a strong ensemble of performers, and B Street delivers.

Dory, played by Shannon Mahoney, the newcomer to the golfing group, is responsible for many hilariously awkward moments thanks to being thrown into a set of people she doesn’t know. Tate, the young stay-at-home mom who is dissatisfied with her life, is played by Tara Sissom. Her sometimes squeaky voice and great one-liners make for a very funny performance.

Amy Kelly’s portrayal of Margot is fabulous. She’s brash and brassy and a whole lot of fun to watch. I really enjoyed her performance.

My favorite of the group is Melinda Parrett, who plays Connie. Her witty and outspoken character really appealed to me, and Parrett plays her perfectly.

The show is a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to pacing. Some scenes zip by with witty quips and zingers, but others slow. The show is two and a half hours long. Perhaps the ladies should have stuck with nine holes instead of 18.

Still, some of the best laughs come after the intermission. Connie’s 18th hole rallying cry of a speech was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time. Her delivery was absolutely perfect, and the writing is excellent.

The whole show wraps up nicely, and the audience feeling good. The show is definitely worth the price of admission. I most definitely recommend an evening out at B Street.

“The Ladies Foursome” plays through October 5. More information and tickets are available HERE.

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