“A Steady Rain” at B Street Theatre

B Street Theatre is one of my favorites in Sacramento. They consistently put up excellent shows and their production values are always high.

“A Steady Rain” brings all of B Street’s high standards to bear on an intense and gripping script by Keith Huff. The story follows a pair of Chicago cops, Joey and Denny, who have been best friends since kindergarten, both of whom have come under investigation by their own department.

The two-man show features David Pierini as Joey and Kurt Johnson as Denny. Pierini and Johnson are bring fantastic timing and delivery to the stage. This is particularly critical in a production where most of the action is the men sitting and addressing the audience directly.

A great script gives actors so much to work with, and even though much of the staging is static it seems as though the play’s action rushes along, building to a shattering point at the end of the play.

As Carla Meyer wrote in the Sacramento Bee’s review of the show, “Johnson and Pierini … paint a full picture through words. It’s so complete that one is tempted to issue warnings about the play’s ‘graphic’ content.”

I most definitely would issue a warning about the play’s graphic content. I found myself staying up far later than I’d anticipated thinking about this play. The way the characters address the audience directly pulls you in right off the bat, and makes the story all the more personal and intimate. And it packs one hell of a punch, too.

“A Steady Rain” runs through June 15, and is well worth seeing before it closes.

Tickets and more information can be found at  bstreettheatre.org


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