Birdhouses 4 at the Kondos Gallery

“Birdhouses 4” opened with a lively reception April 3 at the Kondos Gallery at City College.

The show, featuring artists’ takes on the show’s namesake birdhouses, was packed-to-bursting for the opening night.

“It’s crowded in there,” said attendee Jerry Norris. “But I did get around to all of the houses.”

Norris appreciated the variety and originality of the creations. “I thought it was an interesting to see each individual artist’s take on the subject.”

The birdhouses themselves were tremendously varied. From crumpled balls of sheet music to a cross-shaped avian mansion with a Mickey Mouse plush nailed to it. An ornate paper castle with cut-out sides depicting scenes from classic fairy tales. Towering cardboard creations. A repurposed street lamp. From the rustic to the sleek and modern.

Some works hung from the ceiling. Others jutted out from the walls like tree limbs. One piece is a nest on an actual tree limb sprouting from the wall. Still more works are perched on pedestals throughout the small room.

Homes enough for a flock.

“Great bird houses,” said featured artist Ray Tatman, whose art is featured in the show.

“It’s a great opening,” Tatman says with a smile. “I see a lot of old friends.”

It seems like everyone in the crowd knows each other. “Hey! How are you?” sings out repeatedly from the open gallery doors as more guests approach.

Vicky Wallace sits on the walkway leading to the gallery.

“My husband has a piece in there,” Wallace says proudly. “It’s nice to see his work displayed.”

“It’s a great opportunity to raise money for the Kondos Gallery,” said Tatman.

“Birdhouses 4” runs through April 11, Monday—Thursday: noon – 4 p.m., Friday: noon – 3 p.m. or by appointment.
916-558-2559 for more information.

Find the article published on the Express Website HERE.


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